Friday, July 2, 2010

The Last Couple Weeks

So these past couple weeks have been incredibly busy!

My project is moving super fast which has been awesome and I've actually had some opportunities to sit down with Tom and talk about my research and some literature. Working in this lab has made me very grateful for my education! I feel like I can actually sit down with Tom and brainstorm ideas and talk about papers without feeling incompetent simply because I'm an undergrad.

The church is doing really well too! Miyoko and I have started our women's bibletalk and have been meeting for 3 weeks now. It has been really cool and a very refreshing time to have conversations about the bible with just girls. Beka has been coming for all three weeks now! She hangs out with us on thursday nights and sometimes goes out with the girls are tuesdays too! That has been incredibly encouraging and hopefully her and I will become good friends!

The Boulder mission team has had more weeks of midweeks. We talked about effort and the effort that it would take to really start the church in Boulder and we talked about our resolutions from meeting together. It really is an amazing group of people! When we talked about resolutions we split up men and women and and went through all the things we had learned over the past month. What we were scared about changing and what we were excited to change! It was very inspiring!
I'll post some more later!