Monday, April 25, 2011


So I was picking on Jenni today about updating her blog and she came back with the fact that I haven't updated mine since February! So, I'm updating now.

I've found that I always stop updating this blog when I have news that I can't tell everyone.

So these past 3 months in Colorado have been insane! I went to all my grad school interviews and got accepted in Yale, John's Hopkins, Duke, UNC and Colorado. I got an extra diversity fellowship at Duke and was awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship for grad school.

However, in March I was also offered a full time ministry position in Denver Colorado. The intern who was working with the Metro campus ministry moved home and they asked me to consider the position.

So after a ton of prayer, and advice, and some tears involved in trying to figure out what my heart really wanted... I decided to defer grad school for a year to give the full time ministry a shot! I unofficially deferred at Duke which means if I reapply they'll accept me and I officially deferred at Colorado. So I have an east coast and a colorado option after I try out the ministry for a while.

I am super excited about this opportunity because I've wanted to work in the ministry my entire life. The more exciting part is that I'll actually be leading with my new boyfriend, Brian Campbell. I would write more about that on here but most people who read this know about him already!

My last day of work will be the 30th of June and then I'll be home to see everyone for two weeks and I'll start full time in the ministry on the 16th of July!! We have ICMC West at Estes park out here this summer which I'm super stoked about! Brian and I are in charge of the logistics committee so there's a lot of work that will go into hosting this event but it's going to be incredible!

I'll update again soon with new details of my crazy life in CO!