Monday, February 21, 2011

I have a huge decision to make...

So I have no gone through 3 weeks of interviews for grad school and I have officially been accepted to two of the schools!

Yale (despite the food poisoning, getting stuck in detroit and getting stuck in an elevator) was definitely a great experience! I didn't get to spend a ton of time there but I connected with a lot of people. As honored as I felt though, I'm not sure how happy I would be there. New Haven isn't exactly the place I see myself living. I really liked all the people there though, my recruiting class, the faculty and the students already in the grad program. I officially got my acceptance to Yale this past weekend and it's something I never though would happen. Even if I say know I feel like I can have some great confidence having been accepted to Yale. Growing up I never even saw that as a possibility. It was always something that seemed out of my reach but I'm so grateful for the open door there right now!

Duke on the other hand I really connected with! The faculty were incredible and seemed to really like me and see things on the same page as me! The campus is gorgeous and I think I could live in Durham if I wanted to make it work! The sad part is that I wasn't super excited about my recruiting class. I liked the students who were a couple years older than me but I wasn't really excited about the students I would be in classes with. And one of the only students I did hit it off with probably isn't going to Duke. That being said, I don't make my whole decision based on that....

And then there was Hopkins.... not a huge fan there actually. I got to interview with a lot of women in science which was very cool and very helpful but I just didn't feel a connection with the school or the people really. I had the most fun so far with my recruiting class but I'm not sure if in the end that would persuade me to go there. I had some ok interviews but really didn't click with anything. And I decided I would love to visit the Harbor and Fells Point in Baltimore but I really don't think I'm be excited about living there.

So that's three out of the 6 schools.....

Yale is an honor, Duke was pretty much awesome, and Hopkins was a good experience....

So now I have 3 more schools to visit. UNC I'm sure I'll like and I have realized that I really need my interview at Colorado because I just don't know that much about the actual graduate program and I think that'll be really important to help me make my decision.

We'll have to see how all of this pans out...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So these past two and a half weeks have been incredible.

Difficult at times adjusting to living in Boulder and working full time and not being in school in incredible none the less.

The ministry here is awesome. Chris and Becky Clawson have been so helpful in helping me transition and I'm so grateful for how much the trust me and want to use me in this ministry. They are truly doing a great job of leading. The whole ministry is working on unity and prayer right now which has been awesome. The women of the ministry include Becky, Lauren and Laine who are sisters, Miyoko and Amber and Dianna (my roommate) are both studying the Bible. It's been really cool getting to know all of these women because I feel like I can be great friends with each of them!

The guys are awesome too! There's Chris, Paul who getting his masters, Josh who's a senior, Max and Nate who are the freshman and Jamel and Kyle who don't live in Boulder. It's a really cool bunch.

So sadly I won't see a whole lot of these people over the next couple weeks because of grad school interviews. I'm very excited about going to see all these different schools but it's also kind of lonely to think about not having anyone I know around.

I have to walk into each school like it's definitely the school I want to go to so hopefully God's light can shine through me in the process.