Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So these past two and a half weeks have been incredible.

Difficult at times adjusting to living in Boulder and working full time and not being in school in incredible none the less.

The ministry here is awesome. Chris and Becky Clawson have been so helpful in helping me transition and I'm so grateful for how much the trust me and want to use me in this ministry. They are truly doing a great job of leading. The whole ministry is working on unity and prayer right now which has been awesome. The women of the ministry include Becky, Lauren and Laine who are sisters, Miyoko and Amber and Dianna (my roommate) are both studying the Bible. It's been really cool getting to know all of these women because I feel like I can be great friends with each of them!

The guys are awesome too! There's Chris, Paul who getting his masters, Josh who's a senior, Max and Nate who are the freshman and Jamel and Kyle who don't live in Boulder. It's a really cool bunch.

So sadly I won't see a whole lot of these people over the next couple weeks because of grad school interviews. I'm very excited about going to see all these different schools but it's also kind of lonely to think about not having anyone I know around.

I have to walk into each school like it's definitely the school I want to go to so hopefully God's light can shine through me in the process.

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