Monday, May 24, 2010

Day One- Getting to Boulder

So I rode my first jet today. The flights flew by but it was weird getting to Denver at almost the same time I left Cincinnati. The Denver airport was HUGE and a little confusing but eventually I figured it out.

A senior staff scientist from the lab picked me up at the airport and drove me to my hotel to drop my stuff off and then to the lab to check things out. The hotel is a super hippy hotel but seems like it'll be a really chill place to live for a week. It is all the way across campus from my lab though and I don't know exactly how to get back but I have a map so it'll be my first adventure.

Everyone I met in the lab today was really nice. There is one other undergrad and he's been working in the lab for two weeks already so we won't be at the same place with our projects. The stuff I'll be doing will be an extended look at the processes I already use in Sehorn's lab. Except, I'm starting at the very beginning by creating my own mutations in this gene and then all the way on to expression of the respective proteins. Luckily the middle stuff I have a little bit of experience in.

Sadly, I won't get to meet Tom Cech until next week because he is out of town but apparently I get a two hour meeting with him to do introductions so I'm looking forward to that!

I have now finished my lunch and am going to make my way back to my hotel in order to try to take a nap. I've already been up for 12 hours today and it's only 2:00pm here! I got the scoop on the most "Boulder representative" places to go so I might check some of them out!

I'm also going to give Miyoko, the intern who used to work in the Boulder campus ministry a call today to let her know I'm in town and maybe we'll get to meet up then!

And so begins the adventure...

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  1. And then it took me 50 minutes to walk back to my hotel because I got lost!!