Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 6, 7, 8 The Long Weekend

So I have officially been in Boulder for a week now. And the weekend was amazing! Miyoko and Crystyna picked me up on Saturday to go to the mall and do some shopping. I didn't buy anything but I did end up with a free Godiva Rewards Membership. (If you like free chocolate once a month you should definitely do this!) We then went to Noodles and Company which I had never been to before and I had some amazing Mac and cheese! After that was a target run. I had to get a ton of stuff for my dorm room including sheets and a pillow, and stuff like that (Thank you Emily for the SUPER helpful giftcard!) That night I saw Robin Hood with Miyoko and her boyfriend Ryan and that turned out to be a pretty good movie.

Sunday was awesome! We had women's d group before church and man was it nice to sit down with some disciple women. I forgot what a relief it was to spend time with disciples when you're the only disciple on a campus. Suzanne Beaty leads the North Denver Region and our d group and she was working the Boulder recruitment for grad school. There is such a cool parallel to the Clemson mission team here. There used to be a campus ministry in Boulder of 200 students with a Boulder church that had about 600 people. About 100 of those students went into the ministry. Just like Clemson... except Clemson was on a much smaller scale. So right now they are planning the kick off for the Boulder mission team to start in August! They just hired new campus leaders who will be here in July and midweeks will now be in Boulder for people who will be on the team! I'm so excited to get to be here for the planning of this team but it definitely pulls at my heart strings to hear about all of it starting!

I got to talk to Veronique for a while that night which was amazing and long over due! I walked all the way to The Hill (35 min from my hotel and across campus) so I scoped out the area some before I walked back home.

Today was really cool! I moved onto campus which is absolutely amazing! The pictures on this post are of the entry way to my dorm and then the zoom view of the mountains from the entry way. I then got to meet a lot of the SMART Colorado students because they all got here today so I'm super grateful that there are finally more people to hang out with! This evening I got to go to a park down the street and hike some on the mountains... AMAZING.. and it'll probably be my new prayer spot. Then explored some more of the Hill to find some good eating places!

All in all a very great break and tomorrow I get to continue my project in the lab, go to Radiation Safety class, and then meet TOM CECH!! I'm super excited about that!

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