Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 2

Wow!! Time surely flies by here! This past week was absolutely awesome! I'm actually getting some real work done in the lab! I sent out my first set of sequences on wednesday (sadly only 4 out of 11 actually worked) but that's more than zero!

Wednesday we had Boulder midweek with the group that is planting the Boulder church in the fall. Such a cool group of people! There are a few couples who were baptized in Boulder who are going to be sheparding the group! Amazing couples with really cool stories. The house we meet it is actually the house that the Boulder church started in many years ago so there's so much history here!

Thursday after a lot of reading in my lab time (since I was waiting for sequencing to come back) we had a group meeting where Andrea presented the data on her project. The background she gave was really helpful in helping me understand the goal of the lab as a whole. Then the three undergrads went out for lunch and talked which was pretty cool since it was out of the lab hang time.

Thursday night was really cool because the "singles" in the Boulder group went out to Scoot Carpenter park to play ultimate frisbee. It was a decent game and I was very proud that I held my own running in this altitude! It was then that I knew I was ready for Vail haha.

Friday after aligning a ton of sequences and after Tom School where we go over a paper that all the undergrads read... I packed to go camping in Vail, CO. Might I say camping in Colorado at this time is spectacular!!! It got down to ~40 but I had layers and a great sleeping bag/pad so I slept really well! We couldn't get a fire going because the wood was kind of wet and we think we were trying to burn Aspen (not easy.) But the stars were amazing. I've never seen so many stars in my entire life. They were everywhere!

The sun woke me up at 7:00 when it started to get hot and we were in Vail village by about 9:45. The Teva Mountain games were going on and I mainly watched the Bouldering events. SO cool. These people are ridiculously strong and quite competitive! I also racked up on free stuff because there were a ton of vendors there for the 1000's of people at the games!

In total, I ended up with 4 hats, 3 t shirts, 2 bags, 2 magazines, climbing chalk, a towel, and a free Jansport back pack that I won in a raffle! All in all I would say it was very productive!

Sunday, d group with the girls was great and Doug preached a great lessons on Josiah's faith. It was really cool. Then Sunday night Miyoko and Ryan and I went to Denver to celebrate Ryan's birthday with some people there. I haven't had so much fun out at a dinner with a group of people in a while. It was an awesome group and we were having such a great time that we ended up staying an hour after the restaurant closed (not on purpose though).

So now I'm back in the lab for week 3! We have no AC and it's in the 90's today so it's a little overwhelming. I am getting to try my own version of mutagenesis with a different template so if it works I'll be pretty proud! Tonight a group of SMART program students are going ice skating at the rec center after dinner which should be a cool ending to a long day!

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