Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 3

So last week...

To start things off I was absolutely exhausted after going to Vail for the weekend!

Monday I started off by growing up the mutations that did work from the mutagenesis. There were only 3 out of the ten that worked and the wild type but it was enough to start moving with! I grew those up then tried out a mutagenesis with PCR product (something not normally done...) and then found out the reason it's not normally done is because it doesn't really work haha.

Tuesday was my day to maxi prep all my samples and to extract the plasmid from the cells. I let that run overnight. Monday and Tuesday nights were good nights of hang out time with the SMART kids! I taught Terrance and Rima how to play NERTS on Monday which then became a bigger game with Luis and Marvin added on Tuesday. It was pretty awesome!

Wednesday was my first day of working in the Tissue Culture lab by myself. It was really cool! Everything has to be very sterile so there's a lot of places that you could mess things up. And the tissue culture lab is on a strict time line so it's very important to move quickly but efficiently! On the first day I added my extracts for the telomerase to the human cells. I then worked on the PCR for the other 7 mutants that didn't work the first time.

Thursday I was done way early because I only had to transform the cells with the 7 mutations and trypsinize the human cells in the tissue culture lab. (You don't actually need to know what this means but it only took me 3 hours total for I was out at noon!) Art told me Thursday that I was actually very good in the tissue culture lab which was pretty exciting because most undergrads don't get to learn how to work in tissue culture!

After work Thursday I went to almost a 2 hour lunch and then laid out for a while! It was quite relaxing until the storm clouds rolled in. Miyoko came by and picked me up to take me to Target so I could get some groceries and stuff. Ryan got off work around 8:30 so we picked up and movie and ice cream and went to his place to watch it. They are a really fun couple and I'm not sure what I would do here without them!

Friday is when everything changed here! We've been meeting on Wednesday nights with the Boulder mission team which has been really awesome! The first week we talked about having a vision for your personal walk with God and having a vision for Boulder. Doug Baity made a great point about how people perish without vision. (I have to go back and look up the scripture where he got that from.) Week two we talked about love and being able to love unconditionally and being able to have expressive love. The group is a really cool group of people and reminds me so much of the mission team in Clemson! Wally and Sue Dague are an amazing couple that will be a great sheparding couple on the team. Sue swims... for real. She's preparing now for her second channel swim... but I don't remember which channel she's swimming across. She has a huge personality, a lot of wisdom, and she LOVES babies... she's almost always holding one. Her husband Wally is so cool. He's pretty quite a lot of the time but when he speaks you listen because it's full of wisdom and very insightful. He's also hilarious if you listen to him in a regular conversation and he holds Sue's hand all the time which is so cool to watch!
Doug and Suzanne Baity are leading the north region of Denver and spear-heading the Boulder team until Chris and Becky Clawson move here (they are the new campus leaders!) They are absolutely amazing and were around with Wally and Sue back in the glory days of Boulder. I'm looking forward to writing more about the different couples as I get to know them better!

The reason things changed is because Friday and about 2 it started pouring down rain... In Clemson, when I first moved it rained all the time and was kind of depressing actually. I talked to Stacey Robinson about it and she reminded me that when it rained in the old testament God was watering the hearts of the people. And it proved to be so true with the people in Clemson! So when I moved to Boulder for the summer... it never rained. Clouds rolled through but you got maybe a sprinkle here and there. So as I've been praying for the mission team in Boulder I've been praying for rain. Friday at 2 it started raining and it rained cold rain until Monday afternoon. Granted it was awesome to see God answering my prayer, but I had to remind myself of that when I was freezing and wet haha.

Because of that rain... when Miyoko and I went to her parents house on Saturday to hang out with her sisters she got a text message from a girl. This girl, Becca, was someone Miyoko had reached out to last school year and she was texting Miyoko to find out if we were having any kind of bible study over the summer. Miyoko looked at me and I said, " Well... we do now!" So we told her we were starting a women's bible talk on Mondays at 7pm on the lawn in front of my dorm! (more on that later)

Sunday we had a Luau and I got to meet more of the Denver Metro campus students which was nice. I also got to take a 3.5 hour nap which was awesome. I worked in the lab for 3 hours on saturday too so I was a little tired on Sunday!

All in all the week was very successful and set me up for a great fourth week of work!

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