Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Starting Week 4

I forgot to mention that Sunday I met Barri Lusk finally! Her husband preached on sunday which was really cool too! They are the lead evangelists for Denver so they oversee the North and South and Denver Metro and Boulder regions! Barri and I had talked before I moved to Boulder so it was so nice to finally put a face with the name! She told me that Doug and Suzanne had talked to her that week about finding a way to get me to move here for grad school. That was incredibly encouraging! I've found that I fit here very easily and feel like I have a lot I can offer to the mission team here and so much to learn from all these people! It was nice to hear that I'm wanted here though! Miyokok was laughing because saturday she had d time with Suzanne and Suzanne told her that Miyoko's mission for the summer was to convince me to move to Boulder. She said that's what she's been trying to do for the past 3 weeks! She's great at it too! I honestly don't know wht I'm going to do when I have to leave her at the end of the summer! She's become an amazing friend and I'm so grateful that she's still here even though she's working in Denver!

Monday I came in and learned how to do a Western Blot! Elaine in the lab taught me all her secret techniques! I learned, basically, that you can screw up a western with every step of the process... and it takes an entire day to finish one. The good part however was that my first one turned out very nicely! She helped me with a lot of it so I learned a lot!

I also got to send out my new mutation samples for sequencing and should be getting them back sometime today! (wednesday)

Monday night we had our first women's bible talk for the summer! Miyoko did a great lesson on how Jesus exceeds all your expectations and Becca came nd brought her friend Angela! They were awesome girls who actually added great thoughts to the discussion so it went really well! Hopefully, Becca will be coming out to more stuff so that should be great!

Afterwards I went to hang out with Miyoko and her sister for a bit and then came back and taught some more people how to play NERTS!

Tuesday I was exhausted because we played NERTS til 1:30 in the morning. But I ran my first solo Western Blot! It turned out great! And when I showed it to Elaine she said I was now a Western expert and Art said we have a new lab standard for great westerns and that he would like for me to teach him how to do one! (crazy, I know!)

Tuesday night was pretty chill... I laid out for a little bit before dinner and then Rima and I went to the gym afterwards. We were there for almost 2 hours actually and it was quite fun! We came back and after showers watched some tv together and then passed out.

Today, Wednesday, I woke up early to get breakfast, and then came into the lab early. I was here before 8 which is crazy! I'm now preparing for my telomerase assay and waiting for my sequencing to come in! Hopefully, all the mutations ran well!

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  1. I'm kind of disappointed that your NERTS session didn't last until 3am... But I suppose that's something we back in Clemson can savor hahahaha. I MISS YOU!!!! :D