Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Far... SO Boulder.... take two!

So things have been a little crazy since I moved here. I guess I should have expected that really...

I had a ridiculous amount of paperwork to do for my job and would not have made it through it without Tom's secretary Joanne. She's incredible. and Now I'm waiting for all the paperwork to clear for my apartment so that I can officially be living here. Surprisingly enough those two things shook me nerves some. If I didn't get my ss card in the mail in time there could have been a lot of problems with my employment and if these apartment papers don't clear I don't have anywhere to live. Obviously, God has a plan and things will all work out but it did make me nervous not having everything run super smoothly.

Now for some funny things... My first night here, Miyoko dropped me off at my new apartment and I went to the wrong building. I stuck my key in the door and tried to open it and a lady looked through the blinds to say I was at the wrong apartment. I apologized and tried to get my key out of the door and it was stuck.... I had to knock and apologize and have the lady get it out for me. Embarrassing. Also, I went down to get the mail wednesday and the mail man looked at me and asked if I was new! (I'm really hoping I don't look that new to Boulder!) And yesterday I walked home from campus (a 22 minute walk) in the snow... pouring down! Crazy but beautiful and surprisingly not too cold unless the wind was blowing. And by the end of the night it snow about 4 inches... so I'm not leaving the apartment today unless I have to!

My time here has been interesting so far! But I should be ready for interesting with my life!!


  1. I love how you got your key stuck, because when I read it I thought "Only a Kesel girl" hahahahahhaa!

  2. hahaha I know right?!? I thought this could only happen to one of us!